• Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 10:59 PM
We got Transport baby ! yeah !

ok... went jalan rayer with my friends... and they are : Razlie, Hafiz, Asrida, Dilly, Iqbal, Hamizan, Fiza, Razi, Hazmi, Rafie... Shikin and her boyfriend joined us later... Iskandar joined us much-much later...

So anyway, went to meet Iqbal, Mizan, Fiza and Rafie to take the Van. After taking the van, i pandai2 wanna try the van but it turns out quite disastrous... kekok habes siol... went to meet the rest at Faten's house, which is the 1st house...

After zohor at her house and ate spaghetti, we went straight to my house next... in the van, i was already having a headache and I wasnt the only one though... hahahaa... imagine 11 people in a van.... mak ai cramp siol...

At my house, asar there. I tried to convince my parents to let me drive the car... I gave all kinds of excuses i can come up with and finally.... WHEEE! after much hesitation, they gave me the green light............. Get it ? green light ? okkkkkk...

We split into two groups... first group in the Van the other in the Car... and headed to Rafie's house... saw Izwan and his family on the sidewalk and horned at them...

Next, we went to Razlie's house where Shikin and her boyfriend joined us... the next house was all the way at Tampines, Cikgu Sapii's house !


Took a group pic, standard procedure... magrib and isyak there... alhamdullilah...

...and head out to Teban Gardens to shikin's house!

The people at the back in the Car group

The Driver and the Co-Driver... hahaha... mcm Rally konon... following the van in front...

The way from Tampines to Teban, we took pictures... lots and lots of them and had fun at Jurong East with the hump on the road... laughed and laughed all the way...

At shikin's house, we tried to make sound, or note with the champagne glass... :

He tried toooo hard

He gave up...

The guys in the kitchen...

Group pic again... candid...

The Car...

Next was Razi's house at Toh Guan... it was the last house btw... the car group arrived first whereas the van group sent some of them home... we sat down and ate pizza and by 11am, we(me and hafiz) sent Asrida home... Razlie and Hazmi tagged along... after sending her home, that was went we unleased our Boys will be Boys attitude... wahahaha...

We wind down the windows, cranked the radio up and shouted at passerbys along the pavement... hahahaa... it was very funny indeed... It goes something like this :

Hafiz: Hey Bayah ! (pauses) Allah upstairs !

and again : Horn arh! horn !

Crazy bunch of freaks !

Watched the Liverpool and Arsenal game back at Razi's house and saw Iskandar just arrived...

By 2+pm, we went home... this time, in 3 groups : The Van, The Car and The Bike...

We should do this again sometime...

Picture of the Day I agree with Razlie:

• Monday, October 29, 2007, 8:33 PM


ok... this day is the day that we celebrated sharifah's 18th birthday...

In the morning, we took our IA(industrial automation) practical test... was quite easy arh... wasted time on the drawing though.

After that was lunch time. Ate ramlee burger and the went for lecture and again it was IA. By 2pm, the lecture was over and that was the end of school.

Went to Swensens at Orchard... the one beside paragon. I ordered Curry chicken baked rice.

The Giant Earthquake was a treat from me. The ice-cream was very nice... love the lime flavoured ice-cream.

We then took a walk around Paragon(macam paham)... Went to Ben Sherman and fell in love with all the shirts. On average, the cost of one shirt was $120. Damn!

We then went our separate ways... me, luqluq and hafiz went to Funan and Peninsula shp ctr. We went around Challenger looking for a filter... I was looking for shirts but to no avail....

Well, thats basically it... whahahaha...

Happy Birthday! Ice-cream settled baby!


• Monday, October 22, 2007, 10:34 PM
On the second day of...

Second day of Raya

ok... second day... this entry is gonna be quite short... basically the cousins from my dads' side came to our house... Riuh beb... in a good way that is...

Well someone posted a video of me online... hahahaha... quite funny lah actually... anyway i changed into my baju kurong juz to take photos with my cousins... ahak!

Emily-Na and me

Missity and me

Abri, me and Julie

My sis, Tina and Co.

The guys didnt take a group pic but nvm, there's always next time... Insyallah

&&driving in a convoy with two of my uncles is soooo pressurizing

my point..... they're gggoooooddddd...

• Saturday, October 20, 2007, 10:28 PM
Hari Raya 2007

Arite update on hari raya :

First Day

Standard arh first day, family photos and asking for money from dad...
I mean asking for forgiveness arh...

My Family

Asking for forgiveness from dad...

After that we went to grandmas house(dads' side) at Sembahwang... but no photos arh... wasted... forget arh... always thinking of lontong...
Then next house we went was grandmas house(mums' side) at Tampines... there, we took photos...

Cousins, cousins... 4-21 years of age... ok tats quite a range...

Another photo...

More photos...
Selamat Hari Raya...

Waiting for the Manchester United match... against Aston Villa...
&&not forgetting to study for my Anatomy&Physiology test

• , 10:06 PM
Happy Birthday !


I wanna wish Peijun a happy birthday...

"Happy Birthday Syg !"

ouhhh wait... "Happy 20th Birthday..."

oklah... peace, peace...

Upcoming Birthday :

Farah aka Morticia Addams aka EPA
... Swensens arh, SETTLE...

• Friday, October 12, 2007, 10:35 PM
Selamat Hari Raya

Hi everybody out there reading this blog...

I wanna wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin...

I wanna say sorry if I had insulted you... be it on purpose or not.

Jika terkasar bahasa, tersilap kata atau ape-aper yang menyinggung perasaan,

harap dimaafkan...

Yours sincerely,


&& being a pillion on a motorbike gave me soo much of an adrenaline rush and so i wonder how will i feel if im the rider ?

• Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 9:25 PM

Acer Service Report

Reported Symptoms :

1)White color and many lines on screen. (Iyelah...)

Line 1 : Symptom Sub Code = DP10 - ABNORMAL LINE

Repair Actions:
1)Quoted LCD screen $300, labour $80 b4 gst.

*User will consider first.

-----End of Report-----

DAMN ! my laptop... Get well soon ya ?

...watching the live telecast of the taking off... at Kazakstan seh... Sounds familliar ?
1st muslim in space, in space to celebrate hari raya and the 1st to fast in space... hmmm... he's so lucky...

• Sunday, October 7, 2007, 12:11 AM
Reign Supreme

Whoa !

Manchester United 4 - Wigan 0

To those other supporters, especially to Arsenal fans, fans whose team lost to Marseille and the team with a guy wearing a pair of goggles...

... Man U's Back !

• Thursday, October 4, 2007, 10:43 PM
Another Meet

Ok... came to school at 10am... It was Industrial Automation (IA)... Came into the lab and the first thing that i saw was this statue of a T-Rex... hahahaahaha...

Somebody play John William s' score here please...

...and I think Im beginning to love this IA lab... looking forward to it everyweek...

Lectures on Thermofluids II was alrite i guess... but IA lecture sucks... hahahaha...

Striped Polo Tee Team...

After everything ended at 3pm... We(me, farah, luqluq and Mubs) went to Changi Airport... ok i noe it sounds crazy but actually i juz wanna kill time cuz im meeting Sue and Fiqah at 6pm at Jurong Point ! hahahaha...

Well... took some photos again... first in the train on the way there...

Well the rest are random photos...

New but "old" phone...

Fly baby fly...

This world revolves around money...

After it was time... we boarded the skytrain back to T2 and then the MRT where i got down at Boon Lay... After meeting up with Fiqah and Sue, we went to banquet... it was already 6.30pm so i guessed there wont be any space arh... unfortunately, i was right...

ouhh yah... met Bibi and Rozianti..... Faiz and Lia there...

We went back up the escalator to KFC... bought our food and waited for Azan... well, it didnt take us tat long to wait for the Azan...

Peeeerrrrrrr jerrr...

After we finished our food, we went to the pasar malam next to the interchange cause someone wanted some candy floss... after she got wat she wanted, we walked around JP for awhile... got sick and tired of JP seh... been our playground since secondary school days...

...then we stopped at The Coffee Bean... Sue got a Caramel and Brownie while me and Fiqah got Pure Chocolate... I wasnt complaining cuz it was Sue s' treat... wahahahaha... Love you sue...

Me and Fiqah

Partners in Crime...

Picture Of The Day:

• Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 4:42 PM


Well hmmm... school... well... i hate tuesdays... Lots of the heavyweight modules and long lectures on this day.

Met Junaidah in SP(quite rare actually) on the way to Main Library. Watched Scary Movie 3... hahaaha... ok i noe wat u're thinking...

Break fast with my poly friends [Diah, Farah, Luqluq, Hafiz and Me(ok, think exclude me arh eh)]. The location was at IMM at a shop(shop?) called BAGUS... Saw this nice button down shirt at FOS (Factory Outlet Store)...

Waiting for Azan...

We all ate western food(maybe because we miss Waffleton too much... hahahaha)...

What a spread !

Mine... Rosemary Chicken Spaghetti

Diah with her chicken cheese rice... Sabar beb sabar...
Luqluq and Salmon Spaghetti... (i dunno wat u were trying to do but layankan jer...)
Heh HEh HEeeeeH! No wonder people say I'm a devil... I look like one...

After having our main course, we moved on next ................. satay! wahahahha...

...and not forgetting deserts.... MacDonalds' ice cream !!!! wahahahahaha.. splendid !

• , 3:32 PM
Breaking Fast With BlackJacks


okkkk... this is another rare meet with the blackjacks. Firstly, Hafiz and Asrida wasn't able to come because Asrida was sick...

On 29 September, we (Me,Dilly, Hazmi, Iqbal, Iskandar, Mizan, Fizza, Razi, Rafie, Razlie and Faten) , went to Bugis to break fast there... We took the train approx. at 4++pm and made our way to Bugis. We went to book our place at Tong Seng Coffeeshop at around 6pm.

After placing our orders, We went to the Arcade at Bugis Junction to kill some time... Around 6.30pm, we went back to our seats and waited for the Azan[before tat we waited for our food first, then the Azan (Ok lame)]. We ordered (well most of us ordered Mee Pok).
Pictures taken at the shop :

Dilly, Hazmi and PSP

Iqbal and Dilly(Again)

Faten(Hidden), Razlie and Razi(tak sabar nak minum)

Sadiq(boyboy) and Iskandar(Sniper)

Mizan muker steam

After the Azan, we started to chow down our food and then some of us head out to the Sultan Mosque to pray Magrib and met the rest at Parkview Square (Gotham City).

There, we were thinking of wat to do next... and we all agreed to Shi-Sha at Haji Lane. We head out to Haji Lane and reached there approx. 8++pm.

We chose 2 Flavours : Coke and Peach (I think)... And of course, we snapped photos again...
After shi-sha(ing) till 10pm... we headed to Esplanade where we spend some more time together and took the Last Train Home...

Fizza, Mizan and PSP

Razlie and Faten(Pelik)

Termen0ng jer.. Asal Eh ?

Iskandar, Razi and Hazmi


Asal isap sampai gitu skali ? Tak perlu eh...

Lek mizan lek...

Wahahahaahaha... entah pasal aper...

When you know you had too much...

Picture Of The Day :

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