• Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 5:26 PM
Selamat Hari Raya

Firstly, I want to wish all of you,


Forgive me for all my sins,
This is the time where we should start afresh,
turning over a new leaf,
Sorry if I was rude with my actions,
jokes, etc...

...whether on purpose or not.

I'm really gonna miss the month of Ramadhan,
Putting aside the religion part where we are required to fast,
abstaining from not only food, but visuals and other forms...

Ramadhan is also the time when we get together from
different cliques of people from family, friends, social groups etc...

This is also the Ramadhan where I am guilty of not breaking fast
at home... most of the time, in all my 20 years...

Nevertheless, I hope that I will eat out less frequent next year
and also doing my Terawih more often...
insya'Allah... if I'm still able to see Ramadhan when it arrives...

Looking forward to Syawal, this is the time where I've always hoped to gain alot of weight.
From all the food I get to eat, longtong, satay, serondeng, chicken... yummy!
So hopefully, I get to gain not in terms of monetary but physically...

...and for the colour of my baju kurung ?
I am still having difficulty differentiating the colours...
It is more of a greyish, lead, granite type of colour...
hmmm... I'll post pictures soon... till then!

• Monday, September 29, 2008, 2:17 AM
Nona Singapura, Shisha at Mosi Cafe

It was a few days ago when we were choosing the costumes for our performance and tadaa!

The day is finally here...


After work, Aizat, Diah and me met up with Hazah at the MRT station.

Supposed to meet the rest at 4plus, don't worry, there's still time.


Off to Punggol for my very first time!

Took the shuttle bus to Marina Country Club for our performance for the Prime Minister.

Cheh! new shades !

The theme was Back to the 60s' I think.

Met the rest there : 'Iza, Aqilah, Sahidah and Jeff

Security was tight there despite it was only the 60s'(haha!)

Given a room to do all the makeup and changing of clothes.

Break our fast and a quick rehearsal...

After the performance, took pictures...

With the Kompang and Silat...


'Iza is so pleasing to the eye in this picture...

...and even more pictures and videos while waiting for the shuttle bus...

Under the brightly lit lampost...

The beautiful and graceful ladies...

Change, change...

At Punggol interchange, we dispersed...
Aqilah headed off to her aunts' house while Sahidah went back with her boyfriend.

The rest of us took cabs to bugis, to Mosi Cafe, where Aidil, Sharifah, Arif, Nad and Dila were already chilling there.

Joined by Fil and Reyza later on...

Diah and Aidil

Sharifah and Arif (the guy who does studies on the behaviour of Matrips...)

Nad and Dila...

It took only one person to initiate the Shisha and settleeeeee...

The people who Shisha and some who tried...

It was the case of passing of shades for photo taking...

Nad and me...

Alahai sweetnye... 'Iza and the dementor(Reyza)

Celebrated Aizat's Birthday with donuts and a Gymball as a gift!

Heard that train services were extended due to F1, we took the train at 1am.

Filzah and Hazah...

At Haji Lane...

Arif and his poses...

The shady people...


A day filled with laughters, happiness, joy, a little nervous to some and finally the feeling of satisfaction from morning at work, till afternoon with the preparation and finally at night with the performance and finally rewarding ourselves at Mosi Cafe...

Thanks to Hazah for doing our makeups...

Thanks to Aizat for the choreography and giving us a chance to perform again...

The practice sessions were quite a crash course but we made it...

Pictures are up at my multiply...

• , 1:34 AM
Mamma Mia!


Outing with classmates on this day.
Those who went were Hafiz, Mubs, Luqluq, Pj, Sj, Farah, Diah and me.

Not in photo : Pj (...as usual)

Met Hafiz at Jurong East and off to meet the rest at Harbourfront MRT.
Supposed to meet at 3pm but we arrived at 3.15pm.

Farah came at 3.30pm...
"Guys.. 3pm at harborfrnt mrt station.. Dont b late!"

Supposed to watch Mamma Mia! at the 3.30pm slot but were told that the seats left were 2 rows from the front.

Soooooo, we bought the 6pm slot.

Took pictures here and there.

Taking me taking you taking me...

Put on a smile! :)

Model for samsonite...

Why the long face ? Hint: Waiting for the latecomer...

Who says you're not good in photos ?

Another Jeng Jeng Jeng photo...

Alahai... model for puma...

Model for the sick (...in the mind)

Walked around Vivo. Browse through books at Page One.

At 6pm, sat down and break fast in the movie theatre.
Diah joined at 6pm...

After the movie, ate at The Chicken Rice Shop.
We bought the Family set.

Table 13...

The spread...


Bought my FYP group the Starbucks drinks I promised and chilled outside.

Watched the practice of the F1 on a TV near a pub.

At around 11pm plus, took the train back home...

Girl, amek gambar girl...

emo.flamboyant.jovial.rebel.upper class.random.drift.conscience.

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