• Monday, December 31, 2007, 2:49 PM
summary 2007

ok, this is a summary of what happened in my life in 2007.

Got the worst GPA ever.
Made new friends.
Death of a friend's brother
Got my drivers' license.

And much more... but i can't remember all...

What i'll remember of 2007 is the year of the movies... 12 movies in 12 months...

They are :

1- Letters From Iwo Jima
2- 300
3- Meet the Robinsons
4- Transformers: The Movie
5- Die Hard 4.0
6- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
7- Rush Hour 3
8- Hairspray
9- The Game Plan
10-Om Shanti Om
11-I Am Legend
12-Alvin and the Chipmunks

So, what am I looking forward in 2008 ?


1- Getting a better GPA if not, best... and getting my first "A" grade
2- Having a memorable 20th birthday
3- Hopefully my ITP goes smoothly
4- Driving the car solo w/ my friends
5- A big convoy during hari raya
6- Getting another bursary... (Hyuk!Hyuk!)
7- A girlfriend ?
8- Less disasters, less casualties and the troops pulling out from Iraq

A couple of movies I'm looking forward in 2008

They are :

1- Iron Man (Hell Yeah!)
2- Cloverfield

Hope you guys have a happy new year !
Yours Truly,
The Buckethead

• , 12:49 AM

Drums- Hafiz

Vocals- Hazmi

Bass- Iqbal

Guitar 1- Razlie

Guitar 2- Sadiq

Takot Gelap (Fear Of The Dark)

• Sunday, December 30, 2007, 11:18 PM

Kick the day with soccer in the morning...
Jamming at around noon...
Went out with a very last minute plan. Went out w/ Iqbal, Hazmi, Razlie, Faten, Hafiz and Asrida. Rented an MPV to go around Singapore.

First was the pickup.
Next we went to Beach Road to eat. Drank the Mocha Blend(ouhhhh niccceeee). Went for Asar at the Senget Mosque(Fatimah Mosque).

Went to pick wak at Palmer road cause his bike caused some problems. Did our Magrib at another mosque(forgot wat's its called).
Brought Wak to Lau Pa Sat to get his Supper and off to the Memorial Park(Our Glorious Dead).

Sat down for awhile when we decided to visit the Esplanade. The parking was (Freaking!) expensive! Took a peek at a gig that was going on outside but we decided to stick to the ones inside the esplanade. A group of kids playing some songs. "Stairway to Heaven", "To Be With You" and "Because of You".

Took some pics and off to some other place. Visited the Petrol Station and sent the car back. It was worth it.

Picture of The Day:

• Friday, December 28, 2007, 12:30 AM
Spending last few days of holiday

Went to catch the movie, "I Am Legend" with hafiz, razlie and faten. Sat down near esplanade.
Went jamming... although we have 2 missing people from our lineup. Reached home at 11pm.

At 12.40am, went out with the jacks. Basically went driving around the neighbourhood with different people behind the wheel each time. Visited Singapore Discovery Centre at 3am.

Reached home at 4.30am. Sneaked back home and back to sleep.

Supposed to meet my classmates at 9am to do CADD but woke up at 9am!
Met them at Dover MRT and it turns out they did not wanna do the assignment. Haiyo!

Peijun sayang gave me a souvenir from her trip to Taiwan recently. It's a Paul Frank keychain! Thank you!

Watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" at Plaza Singapura and ate at Burger King. Walked around Orchard and went back our separate ways.
Met the jacks at Jurong Point. Wak got his bike. Went Isk's void deck to wipe their bikes and rode home.

ok, i guess i wanna go sleep now. tired seh...

"Eh rilek arh"

• Monday, December 24, 2007, 6:11 PM

Hari raya haji. Went for morning prayers at the mosque and off to grandmas houses from 5pm till late.

Went overnight fishing with the jacks at Bedok jetty. Changed location to Tanah Merah. Went to alot of places here and there.

After fishing, went jamming pulak. Then off to sleep.

Manchester won 2-1 against Everton

I wanna wish my christian friends Merry Christmas...

• Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 12:29 PM

Started the day with blue berry pancakes... yummy... and watching Hot Shots! hahahaah...

Had a dream last night. Dreamt that I was riding a black RX-Z... hahhaaha... macam paham but yeah... it's only a dream.

So maybe that's a sign. I'm gonna apply for class2B... just maybe...

Did CADD on monday... difficult seh... ok gonna take a bath now.

• Sunday, December 16, 2007, 9:05 PM
Days go by

Went for GEMS. Arguement between this dude and the teacher. Apparently he wasnt happy that he cant make it for a meeting and got zero for his GEMS group assignment. Sadly, he belonged to my group and worst still, I am the leader of the group.

The teacher was asking me lots of questions and the whole class all went quiet to listen. Vulgarities were used. Not me ok... the dude.

After GEMS, went to town with PJ SYG and FARAH. PJ bought something... I meant some things. I bought 5 top from two shops. Bought some perfume. Yeah that's it. Ouh yah, went to Breeks to eat.

Went to Biopolis. Nano and Matrix building. I was surprised that the place was high on security. The guide was literally tapping on each door to get in. Get this, you even have to tap the card when using the lift. Oh my gosh. Lecehnyeeee! What about the toilet then? The presentation was interesting but the tour was very boring but the chairs were nice to sit on.

Found out my maths test. I passed! woohoo! spent the day basically at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre. Wak went to cut and highlight his hair.

Soccer in the morning. Jamming straight away after that. Spent the rest of the day and night at Iqbal's house. Kecoh...

All I can say is someone has a girlfriend...

Liverpool VS Manchester United / Arsenal VS Chelsea
Just what I wanted. Home. Back to back soccer matches. Ice creams.
Tomorrow, going school to do assignments. Meeting my classmates at 8.45am. Hopefully we can finish in one day.

• Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 8:53 PM

Going to A*STAR(Agency for Science, Technology and Research) this Thursday
... so, I'll be expecting what ?

Found out that on the 14th January, there'll be 3 tests altogether:

1) Anatomy and Physiology test
2) Optics test
3) CADD test

On the same day! bye-bye weekends...

• , 8:31 PM
Mondaaaaayyy it's monnnndddayy...

Class starts at 8am.
Came at 8.35am but
Class ended at around 8.30am.

No, there's no error in the timing. Waste of time. Failed my thermofluids II test.... again.

Went to Vivo City during the 4 hour break to have our lunch. Had lemon chicken rice.

Went up on the downriding escalator. How embarassing!

Then went shopping. PJ bought a dress. Affordable seh.

Slept during thermofluids II lecture(No wonder I failed).

After school was over, went to meet my GEMS group for our CA2 assignment at FC6.
Found out that a few of them had done our group assignment. Sooooo meaning I didnt contribute a single thing and I'm the leader! Felt bad....but I am proud of them though.

Arsenal lost! bahahahha...

Singapore better win against Thailand, I'll be supporting you...

Tomorrow Sports Day... Hopefully it doesnt rain, again. PLEASEEEEEEEE...

• Sunday, December 9, 2007, 9:58 PM

Went out with family today to eat. Went to Bukit Batok but couldnt find nice things to eat. So off to "Makan Shiok" at Jurong West(its ok people, I'm driving).

Ate seafood. TomYam, Garoupa, Sotong and such.

Tomorrow will be the last week for the term. Getting test papers back I guess.

Currently Arsenal is losing. Hope it stays that way. Huahuahua.

• , 9:37 PM


Played soccer in the morning. As always.

Met the jacks(Iqbal, Hazmi, Hafiz, Razlie and Faten) at lakeside MRT and JE MRT at 3pm++ and off we went to vivo city. Initially we planned to watch the movie "Hitman" but too bad the earliest slot was at 9pm. So, we went to eat at Banquet at Harbourfront ctr. Went for prayers and then to the arcade. Not much choices at the arcade though.

Let me try to recall what else we did. Think we went to sit down and chatted while waiting for Mizan and fizza to arrive.

After they arrived, we went to starbucks to get ice blended coffee. We sat down at the grass patch and chatted somemore. Witnessed a riot/fight whatever you call it. Happened 15m from us. Surprised that I got quite far after I saw them taking out weapons. Police came and asked us for any information and being helpful citizens (actually bored) we told them what we saw.

It was so fun laughing hard again. ALOT of laughters.
Horses go "Tweet, tweet, tweet" - Group joke

• Saturday, December 8, 2007, 1:33 AM

Whoa... 1 week didnt update...

...been very2 busy... 4 tests altogether...

Went to Causeway point for lunch. Had Grilled chicken w/ honey and rice. Bubble tea to go with it. Coffee. Had Anatomy&Physiology test. Stupid Zona(s).

Had Thermofluids test. Whew... No need to refer Steeeaaaam table but forgot alot of steps. Flunk seh like tat.

Pissed. Heavy Rain. "Strict rules" (my foot). Postponed. Hah Yelah. Finally. System ?. What system ?.

IA practical test. Full marks I guess. I hope. Teamwork babe.
Damn... Short term memory... was suppose to pay for luqluq's cake but I totally forgot!
Getting old arh. Excuses.

Went prayers. Went to NUS. I can see the light. I can see my future. Its there. Maths III common test. Asal Boleh Hentam. Hopefully I can pass ( future keper ?). Went jamming. Pelangi Petang sounds promising. Old habit die hard.

"Hitman or Enchanted ?"

Enchanted lahhhh...

• Saturday, December 1, 2007, 1:10 AM
out w/ jacks


Met the jacks for jamming session at 6pm. After 1 hour, we went to play soccer at the street soccer we always go. My soles are getting worst.

... Anyway, we went boonlay and bought burger ramlee! Ate and chat for awhile and we went home.

Saturday playing soccer... yet again but this time with our full gear. Jacks going out after that, most probably to marina square i think. Boohoo for me... staying home to study for the upcoming tests (The Buckethead sometimes study you know...)

...but i promise i'll be coming down for the Sending-Off-Hamizan-Berok-Negara at Sentosa next Saturday (8 dec)...

Gonna make myself a cup of hot milo now... starting my revision after morning soccer... promised myself...

"Promises Are Meant To Be Broken ?"

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