• Thursday, January 31, 2008, 4:36 PM
Last Day Of Second Year


Came to skool at 8am.
Flipped and memorized IA.
Did the paper at 9am.
Everything looked so alien except the MCQs.

Gave up after 1 hour++ and went out.

So we (me, fiz, mubs, luq, pj, farah and nadiah)
decided to celebrate by having our lunch and
then a movie.

Took the train to Orchard MRT station to Far East Plaza.

Ate Nasi Ayam Penyet at Pondok Jawa Timur.

Nadiah and Farah

Mubs and PJ

For all the years of taking close-up pics of me, Luq.

After our lunch, Nadiah and Mubs made their way to the mrt stations. but the remaining 5 of us made our way to Shaw and bought tickets to the movie "27 Dresses".

Initially I thought the story was so girlish but fortunately, I was wrong.
Very sweet.

Walked around orchard road... (dun ask me where, cuz i don't know)...
Like I say around orchard.
Peijun bought some shirts from Esprit and Hafiz bought "The Who" cd.

After some more window-shopping, we settled down at Starbucks.
I bought this drink called Ice Coffee Machiato, reminded me of Ms Swan... hahaaha.

I decided to try the New York New York Cheesecake. Nice...

As you can see, they got my name wrong, well ok, acceptable I guess.
Hafiz's name was spelled wrongly too.

Hafiz's "mushroom"

My New York New York Chessecake.

Farah and PJ's .... brownie ?

Excited with his food and drink.

Excited of his PSP.

Excited with the biggest size.... Venti...

Finally, Luq decided to buy himself a drink. Ice coffe macho...
Hmmm yelah...
"So how can I address you as ?"
"Luqman, you can just call me "L", "U", "Q""....

So, there you go, Elleque - pronouced "L, U, Q"...
hahahhaa... reached home at 11pm...

"I don't know why but I think I'm addicted to the song, Don't Stop the Music"

• Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 7:00 PM
End Of Exams... nearly there


Came to skool at 10am... actually late. 10am++
Studied Thermofluids II.
Ate at KFC.
Flip some more pages and went home.


Reached skool at 10am again.
Study and last minute revision
but this time in a bigger group.
Did the paper. Fail I think.

Gonna study for IA but...
Already thinking of plans after exams.

Tomorrow IA exam at 9am... heheh
The sooner the better...

"I rather not know what's going on than being hurt by both sides"
Ignorance is bliss

• Monday, January 28, 2008, 12:09 AM
3 days straight


Came to skool early to study Optics with Hafiz.
Took the test. The teacher damn kecoh arh...

Then met up with Apit at dover to accompany him
search for his gf's present.
Walk up and down orchard road macam 2.4km run.
Both of us happen to be noob at this kind of thing.
Found Lido at last.

Met the rest of BlackJacks ard 10pm++
Went(Rode) back home around midnight.


Went jamming with BlackJacks at ard 4pm.
Played a malay song for hafiz's gf, asrida...
Was her bday btw. Crying seh...

Made our way to bugis to buy a surprise
bday cake for her. Ate the cake and other food
which was bought at East Coast...

Reached home ard 2am...


Went to SP to study with BlackJacks.
Started at 2pm and finished at 5pm++
Ate at Clementi...
Decided to survey my attachment location again...
(Tak puas hati arh...)

Bus 255 from Boon Lay interchange... hmmmm...
27 stops to reach the workplace and 20 stops to reach Boon Lay Int.
Pedih seh...

Rode home... reached home ard 9pm...
Thanks to both riders Wak and Isk...

"...and btw, u made me smile too for the past two days"

• Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 7:15 AM

Extracted from the MOE website :

The results of the 2007 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) Examination will be released on Thursday, 24 January 2008.

To those people taking back their results, Good Luck!

It is time to crack your brains to see which course you wanna do for the next 2 to 3 years.

• Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 6:39 PM


Engineering Maths III.
"D" I guess... for Dead.
Meeting "Layersen" Officer(LO) tomorrow


Came to school to study.
That's all.

Thursday, Mechs II exam and
Friday, Optics Retest 2

I'm gonna let my hair down on Saturday that's for sure!


• , 6:01 PM


Went Far East Plaza with a mission.
Mission Accomplished.
Saw this hot babe at Tangs.
She's called the Audi R8...

Next stop, Coasta Sands at Downtown.

Celebrating Shikin's 18th Birthday.
Got there at around 7++
Gave her our present.
Ate and ate. Delicious food.
The satay was power... need i continue ?

Went out for prayers.
Came back and ate the cake...
Ice cream cake to be exact.

Phrase of the day ?
"Amek Gambar! Amek Gambar!"

So, here are photos I got from my camera.
BlackJacks and Shikin

Me and Birthday girl

After saying goodbye to everyone we know,
we thanked shikin, her brother, mother, uncle,
well, basically everyone I guess... hah!

Last stop, Clarke Quay.
Went there to drink and chill for awhile,
Took a few more photos and went back

Eerie looking Wak... as always...


So Isk? How was your day ?

• Friday, January 18, 2008, 10:06 PM
Bye bye 2nd year... hello ITP !

Alrite... today marks the end of the semester or better,
End of Second year.

You can say that I am happy to a certain extent.
Firstly, I'm worried for my exams.
Secondly, I dunno arh...
Semester exams arh...

Interesting though, got my ITP placement.
At Tuas... damn it! How I wished I got a bike.
Hint! Hint!
Ok I guess that'll solve my money problem.

I should be thrifty with my ITP money.

Exams next week.
One day off from mugging, which is
Going for Shikin's Birthday BBQ at Costa Sands.

Happy 18th Birthday, Shikin!

• Monday, January 14, 2008, 11:16 PM

Anatomy test starts at 9am.
8.55am, still at the bustop so bo pian, took the diesal-drinking, money draining, fast pacing taxi to school.
The total ride cost $9.70 ! PEDIH!
Used to be only $6++!

The test turned out ok. I said ok.

Then it was CADD test. Q1 I'm sure I can ace it but Q2... Haaaiiiyaaaahh(ZMX) !

3 more tests to go...

Wednesday - GEMS
Thursday - IA and Optics

• Sunday, January 13, 2008, 10:24 PM
looking ahead...

Manchester United won 6-0 against Newcastle !

Wow!... didn't catch it though... missed it by a few minutes.

Academic Calendar 2008/2009
Vacation for the end of Semester I :

Sat 30 Aug 2008 - Sun 12 Oct 2008
(6 weeks)

Fasting starts on September 1 and Hari Raya falls on
October 1

Sooooo... you get what I mean ?

Fasting at home! More time to jalan2 w/ friends during Raya !

Ok, back to Earth, back to mugging...

• Saturday, January 12, 2008, 1:45 AM
tests ! tests ! tests !

1 week of fun is over...

That means no more riding, going home at midnight,
no more crazy dance moves at red lights,
no more wearing of helmets in the car...
and no more disturbing people at pavements...

It's not OVER, just on the hiatus...

Tests this coming week... damn it...

Mon 14 Jan : AnP Test 3 and CAD Design Test 2
Wed 16 Jan : PFP Test
Thur 17 Jan : IA Lab Test and Optic Test 2


Did a survey for this sweet girl... hope she gets my message...
(Hah! Yelah!)

Saw Zee at the MRT. Accompanied her to the bustop. So many different buses!

Went Jamming again. Went to MR Prata Cafe to eat then chill at Westcoast Park with the Jacks.


SP open house. Took some freebies. Hyuk! Hyuk!
Optics... Refractive Period.
Went Jamming. Biawak! (group joke)


How many friends does she have ? 1 week 20. (RANDOM)
Went JP with the Jacks. Played soccer.
Saw Sue at the interchange. Having a hard time understanding her hahaha... so we sms.

• Monday, January 7, 2008, 9:12 PM

Got back my Anatomy&Physiology test paper.
I passed. Better than previous paper.

Optics. Passed my retest.
Scored 62. Better than I expected.
Capped at 50. (what a bummer...)

So far so good.

Saw Junaidah at T15. Nice shirt.

"I love Butterfly Wak..."

Handed up CADD assignment with a huge sigh of relief.

After school, headed back to Dover MRT. Visited the toilet.
Forgot to zip my pants.
When I realized about that, this girl Q-ing at the ATM saw it all.
Damn it... I guess I'm always like this on Monday... and I'm not talking
about not zipping my pants... its like... argghhh! you get what I mean?

Hah yelah...

Tomorrow- Mechanics II practical
Thursday - Optics Practical

Jan 14 - Jan 18
Monday - A&P test
Monday again - CADD test
Wednesday - PFP(GEMS) test
Thursday - Optics test

Last week of school... is NEXT week...

• Sunday, January 6, 2008, 11:17 PM
END of week 1

Alrite, end of week 1 of Term 4... (what a waste of time)

Tired. Still in holiday mood. Have to adjust all over again.

Played soccer for two days straight, Friday and Saturday.
Saw Hafiz Skinhead on Saturday hahaha...

I know, boring entry. What to do, I'm broke(not that broke).

• Thursday, January 3, 2008, 10:29 PM


...was so fed up with my thick hair that I decided to get a haircut. I look like from a 16 to 15 year old now.


After CADD... ouh wait... after completing CADD... went Beach Road to eat. Went there with Moomoo, Nenek, Luqluq and PJ syg...
All had ice blended something...
Ate Mee Hoon Goreng... yum yum... had Briyani at school earlier but... not enough!

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