• Thursday, November 29, 2007, 10:04 PM

Infomasi! infomasi!

I found out that the malay language isn't that original. (really now!)

From a hindustani song I found out :

Maut - death (which is also spelled "maut" in malay)
Duniya - world (which is spelled "dunia" in malay)

English words I came across which I was dying to know the meanings:

Haphazard - random, unexpected
Juxtapose - place side by side
Hypothesis - theory
Provenance - ancestry, origin
Monotheistic - a belief that there is only one God

Itching to spend some money. Ben Sherman Bag. Fred Perry Polo. Pizza Hut. Hey Sushi
Things I wanna buy if I had the money. Iphone, Laptop of my own. Class2B.

Hey-hey-Ina-Dey. Open your eyes and hey! its Friday! Days go by. Lets dance to the beat.
Haphazard seh... (correct structure ?)

I should be studying. Tomorrow lah... or Saturday...

Currently hooked on Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden and In the Shadows by The Rasmus

Ouh yah 1 more thing...

Congratulations to Wak for passing his TP test!
one advice : Start saving...

• Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 8:57 PM
in store for me

What's in store for me next week (week 11) [3 dec- 7dec]

-1)Anatomy&Physiology test

-2)Thermofluids II test

-3)SP sports day

-4)Industrial Automation Practical test; 5)Optics retest

-6)Engineering maths III common test

• , 8:45 PM
my week

Got back my Optics result. Failed. Lets move on.
Got back my Cad. Hey! I passed!
(I can't remember the rest of the day)

peipei broke her watch.

Went to VIVO CITY to eat lunch. Cheh! like as though I have lots of time. Well actually yes. Ate lunch together with peipei, luqluq, diah, hafiz, farah and shijie. mubs joined in later. Ate ice-cream after that. Mint. Again, CIRCUIT ("Sir" "Cute") haha yelah...

Ate 3 Epok-epok, an Apple pie and one burger Ramlee but I'm still hungry (hey! it rhymes!)
Saw someone today wearing black... huahuahua... it's no other than junaidah...
Wanted to jog initially but it rained. (excuses)

• , 8:37 PM
new skin

I'm back with a new skin.
A new, darker-not-sissy skin (I hope).
Well, last week, was surprise that my dad ordered a new laptop on the sly. A red Dell Inspiron 1420. Damn was I jealous! But! Tried real hard not to let him know I was itching to try it out.

• Sunday, November 25, 2007, 1:56 AM
ouhh ouhhh...


played soccer at chinese garden from 10am to 12pm...

...and damn, i hurt my ankle while playing... its swollen... hah yelah... now wat ?

...juz hope it will be good as new before sports day...

CAD results coming out on monday... okkkk lets see how i fare...

Man U lost... damn bolton...

• Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 9:12 PM

did alot of things for the past few days...

last saturday went to celebrate hazmi and razi birthday at Orchard... very nice... no pictures... damn... but it was fun... played arcade soccer... kecoh like hell...

Did optics test... damn... blank seh... bloody hell... after tat went beach road... The mocca blend was superb man...

Watched Om Shanti Om ! nice hindustani movie... 2hr plus siol... but overall nice...

Went for career fair at Convention Centre... Now i feel i wanna apply for TP after NS... forensic science seems very interesting...

Been very busy and tired lately... no time for updates and all...

Hahahaha.. wakenabeb funny seh...

• Wednesday, November 14, 2007, 11:21 PM
Blah, blah

Whoa!... looking back at my previous post, i felt that I wasnt myself at all...


One word to describe this day... TIRED... seriously... i slept and slept... damn... failed my Thermofluids II test... had a feeling though... IA test was funny... we were discussing answers when we found out that we had different questions altogether... hahaha...

I chose 100m sprint and 4X100m for this year's SP sports day on 5th december... No TRIALS ! straight to the finalssssss.... no uniform attire... budget sak...


Mechanics II test... I have lots of confidence for questions 1a and 2a... my BMD looks like a sinusoidal wave... meaning salah oredi lah ! (singlish habes)... GEMS was again boring... so boring and sleepy till peijun sms me... wahahahaa...

After GEMS, went for ITP talk... quite stupid actually... its all common sense... Went to Tiong Bahru... watched THE GAME PLAN... niiiiccceee.... Ridiculously funny... and Luqluq told me tat i spoke to myself during the movie... Hah! Yelah! tats what i call interactive TV... *WINKS* An another funny thing was going back to the MRT station... Farah, being arab and all, tapped on the no entry sign... Two Times !

• Tuesday, November 13, 2007, 1:37 AM
A post not worth reading

A post not worth reading... seriously

The more parents push and control their children, the more rebellious they become... I didnt believe tat at first until it happened to me... i've been trying very hard to control my anger... i really did...

Living with absurd parents is very problematic... seriously...

I am fucking sick of their hypothetical questions...

"Which do you want, Education or Entertainment ?"

"Who do you wanna choose, Family or Friends ?"


...and TheBuckethead has lost his credibility.

He's not the one who can keep promises anymore because of this... if he wanna go out on saturday to... lets say see a movie... he has to consult his parents first and it is up to them to decide whether he gets to go or not... getting the green light is 1/10 most of the time... 90% of the time it gets turn down...

...and FYI TheBuckethead turns 20 in 3 months time...

If i am someone who's been deviated from the correct course and has been termed "Hanyut"... Then most of the ppl u see at Esplanade.... whoa! you should name them "Muthufucking Barbaric Satans" then...

TheBuckethead always been a happy-go-lucky... but when this thing escalates, it changes everything... 5 years he has to bear this... everytime he goes out with his friends...

Till then... hopefully a happier post...

he LOVES his parents...

• Sunday, November 11, 2007, 7:06 PM
Ubin Fishing Trip

Ubin Fishing Trip On Saturday

Alrite... met the jacks(razlie, faten, hazmi, iqbal and hafiz) at lakeside and set off toTanah Merah interchange and change bus and off we went to changi village to meet abgAli... after buying the nessasary stuff like breakfast and drinks, we walked to the jetty and took the bumpboat to UBIN !

Took pictures to kill time on the ride and finally we reached... took Ah Huat's(correct spelling?) Van and off to Noordin beach... set up camp and our fishing rods. Then we start our breakfast... nasi lemak beb...

Well, after eating the food the rest of the day was just fishing and more fishing...
While waiting for the fish to take the bait(literally) we played card games like blackjack and donkey...
We found out someone's dirty little secret that made us laughed soooo hard till tears rolled down... wahahahaha...
Fishes caught:

well, yeah... tats about it... it may sounds boring but you got it all wrong... i can't wait the next trip...

Picture of the day:
Faces of gleaming fishermen and their catch

This coming week starts the tests : Cadd, IA and Mechanics II
Meeting the staff-in-charge for the sports day thingy... hope i have a place...
...and not forgetting the ITP talk on wednesday...

• Thursday, November 8, 2007, 1:06 AM

Alrite, this is a summary of my week... although the week is still not over....

Monday was very brief... Anatomy lesson i was being labelled "hyper"... haha... too much sugar intake i guess... CADD lesson was ok arh... pass up elearning and all...

Supported my friends during their MM Streetsoccer competition... Bladiful United... hahaha... They played quite well actually... Then took the MM ball and played among ourselves...

Tuesday came to school late and did my Thermofluids II test. All I can say is that i think i can pass... for the first question only... hah iyelah... i noe i was freaking tired... (im not the only one)... Mechanics lab is always funny when "Abang Sue" is around... hahaha... But was kinda piss at my own lecturer... Maths III and again the teacher heard me saying Simpson's rule...(I must learn to lower down my voice)

Wednesday... still fresh in my mind. Passed up elearning assignments... Slept during IA lecture, can't really remember what i gained from maths lecture... ordered the MM 50th anniversary jacket... and the tickets... hah! Iyelah again! and then went for GEMS lesson...

She talked about some insurance thing, talking about condos, credit card and all... fuh! Serious beb... *sigh* working life... (Shakes head)...Saw Junaidah just now... I love her hair... so wavvy and all... practiced CADD from 3-5plus... then went home...

At 8plus, went out and hang out with my friends and came back home around midnight...

Have plans for Thursday and Saturday... yeah...

I wanna wish Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu Friends... especially to Gaya who is all the way in Canada... I know it wouldnt be the same... but cherish what you have over there ok ?

Alrite... settle, maybe gonna change blogskin arh... Im squinting my eyes now just looking at the background... hahaha...

Happy Birthday Faten! Just turned 17 huh ?!

Upcoming Tests:
Friday - Eng Maths III
Monday - CADD
Tuesday - Industrial Automation
Wednesday - Mechanics II

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