• Sunday, June 14, 2009, 5:14 PM
Meet up and celebration of june babies

12 June Friday

Meet up w/ Hafiz Adnan at Jurong East MRT.
Headed to City Hall and we were supposed to
go to Marina Sq's Pizza hut where the rest were,
but we bumped into them outside Marina Sq...

Ate the couples' meal w/ Hafiz and Luqluq w/ Mubs...
The girls; Farah, ShiJie and PeiJun ate their own set meals...

After our dinner, some of us bought drinks from Coffeebean
and Starbucks and we sat down near the steps of the Merlion...

Played TABOO... some were epic fail mubs... hahahaha!
and of course, what else ?

The Girls

The Guys

Happy Birthday to the birthday boys!

Hafiz and Luqluq!

• , 4:19 PM
back from camp

Came back from camp on thursday...
Will update on the camp briefly when
there's pictures and if i can recall... :X

• Monday, June 8, 2009, 4:51 AM
Hav fun! control your temper... pls eh!

Take care my dear friend
who's enlisting this Tuesday at the
Old Chua Chu Kang Road...

I'll soon join you in a few months' time!

Guess the next time I'll be seeing you
is after your confinement... hahaha!

...and don't complain, it's your choice!
(ITE slogan)

Isk Ten0k...

I wonder how you'll look with lesser hair ? haha!

...and to other people who's reading my blog, I'll be involved in a camp from Monday till Thursday... so, till then!

• , 1:30 AM
farewell my brother... take care in HTA

June 6

For Isk's farewell party... This time,
we had a plan...

Met up w/ wan, isk, wak, apit and as at lakeside
and head to harbourfront... razi joined us from there

Bought lunch and snacks(alot!) and took the tram
to beach station...

Settled down on wak's "srikandi";
"Indah dipandang, nyaman dipakai!"

After we had our lunch, w/o even waiting for the food
to digest, we played touch rugby w/ boys from St Andrews...

...and beach soccer...

...we left Sentosa at around 4plus and we didnt stop there...
so another round of impromptu...


...Isk was so in love w/ Nadya
...Wak was so in love w/ Kian
...I was so in love w/ Sambutlah Kasihku
...Apit and As were so in love w/ Jangan Pisahkan
...Wan was really in love w/ Alasanmu(3 takes!)
...and finally razi was in love w/ Wind of change

...actually, all of us did!

yes, we were so into the song... look at Razi w/ his hands!

This is the best photo taken... Decisive moment i guess! hahahah...
Baby Huey flying...

• Thursday, June 4, 2009, 12:41 AM
Aizat's Farewell...

2nd June Tuesday

I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!
hahaha... kinky...
(nothing to do with this entry)

Met some of the SSP peeps for some
really last minute plan... hahahha!

It means "I love you" in jawi or sanskrit...

Meeting place was at City Hall...
altogether there were 10 of us...

Basically the main purpose was to celebrate
Aizat's final days as a school graduate
and a step higher!
Serving the nation! hahaha...

We ate at Tong Seng...
...and chilled at Esplande...

Simple right ? but being fickle minded
is sooooo difficult... hahahaha...

Some shots that I took with Fil's camera! :D

The handicap...

Go with VISA!

Take care Aizat! Have fun!

Satu demi satu mereka datang lalu pergi
mereka kenek serve Army... :P

• , 12:33 AM
Iluma, KGC, SMU, MR teh tarik

30th May Saturday

Ushered in the month of June
with a movie at the new Iluma...
I tell you...... the sound system rules
like nothing I've ever experienced...
2 Thumbs for the sound...

ouh yeah... the movie was Terminator Salvation...
The movie was alrite... It's just tat fans
that follow the Terminator Franchise
should be able to understand the whole plot...
Like ME! hahahaaha...

Prayed Magrib at Sultan Mosque and ate at
Kampong Glam Cafe...
Took photos w/ Wak's new phone; LG ARENA!

• Monday, June 1, 2009, 2:12 PM
SP Graduation day 2009

27th May, Wednesday aka
Graduation Day!!!

the freak clique... hahaha...

Finally, after months of waiting since the last
exam paper on 26th February,
the day finally came...

Initially I wasnt really that excited...
With "get this done and over with"
attitude and after receiving the transcripts...

Muhammad Sadiq Bin Hamzah... you think thats long ? nope.

Time for pictures!
It was fun at first but after awhile,
the feeling came back again... hahaha!

Dont't look at me! hahaahah...

Whats with the face Mr Ronny ?

Me and PJ, my elder sis during poly...

Farah and me... my bitchy bitching gossip partner during poly and still is...

Luqluq, will always be remembered as my tallest friend ever... see u in HTA! :D

The weather was freaking hot plus the
shirt,tie and robe made it worst...

With Sufyan, ex-jss, and farhan, both from MLS... :)

The whole class... hahaha... yeah right... most wasnt present...

but it was fun... thanks to mubs for helping us
with the cameras...

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