• Monday, April 28, 2008, 9:11 PM
lost soul...

If You Really Miss Me,
You Know Where And How To Find And Contact Me.

I'm not doing my part 'cos I don't want it to
repeat anymore...

Any misunderstandings, jealousy, wat ever fuck...

• , 6:53 PM
Makan jer...

Yesterday i ate...

Mee hoon GORENG
Ice kacang
Ice jelly
YouTiaowww (I noe wrong spelling, confirm)...
Sarpino's Pizza

Then today,

Wats leftover of the pizza,
Hawaiian pizza from pizzahut
Chicken drumlet

Damn! I must try to go easy on my heart...

"Dust Yourself Off And Try Again, And Again..."

• Saturday, April 26, 2008, 7:42 PM
The day...

The Game which will decide the winner...

Chealsea VS Manchester United

"Brown Girl In The Ring, Sha-La-La-La-La!"

• Friday, April 25, 2008, 10:18 PM


Got more information on GEMS assignment.
Now there's a change in topic...
...and its getting more interesting

Theme : "Architecture In Singapore"


Saw some nice and funny advertisements by some companies...

Meetup w/ Sue, Huiying and Fiqah at JP...
Ate Fishball noodle at Banquet and then chilled
at CoffeeBean...

Bought White Chocolate (R)(IB)...
Sue really knows how to decipher them all...
(yelahhhh... 3 times a week... ok...)

Love the crumpler bag... always wanted one but...
naahhh... next time i suppose...

...annnnndddd... Someone already has an iphone!
Pardon me if i was soooo Jakun...
Nice arh... damn...

"Can't wait for saturday, Om Shanti Om baby! 4pm Vasantham Central!"

• Friday, April 18, 2008, 11:46 PM

Wednesday got stucked, 2 days later...
I'm through! Next stage baby...

Finally got a FYP...
sounds interesting...

Got insulted... but!
I can still control my temper...

Settle, Hong Kong Disneyland... Don't dissapoint me...

• Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 8:53 PM


First day of school.
Quite nervous in the train i dun noe why.

Hmm... foodcourts were damn packed.
Many new faces.

ok, well after class, went to city hall.
Ate BK at Marina Square.
Then off to the Singapore Flyer
"dah alang-alang kan"

"bukan... sekali gus..."

At the Singapore Flyer,
Diah showed the,
"Heavenly Garden w/ Smoke"...


Heavenly Garden w/ Smoke

Got waterfall arh...

The Spoke rim...

Feeling- feeling...


• , 8:43 PM
Joke Gone Too Far ?

Joke Gone Too Far ?


04/9/2008 11:42 pm

hye!kerande is veri not needed,
coz kiter dah lamer dikebumikan pun.

btw, thanks for the comment k makcik. =p

i'm ---------. =))

I don't know what is going on in this fellas' mind... actually i don't really care wat this guy wrote...

It's just the word allahyarham he used as his name tat pissed me off... maybe he doesnt really cherish his life i dunno...

• Saturday, April 12, 2008, 9:04 PM
I'm ready!

Alrite... I'm ready for school...

w/ a new ezlink card...
replaced my lost ezlink at Jurong East Int...
This time, a nicer photo... yeah!

Drove back home... damn was it scary,
after 2 months of hiatus...

Transformers, robots in disguise...
Love the first one...




"They're not just stickers, it's more than meets the eye..." *Hyuk* *Hyuk*

• Friday, April 11, 2008, 10:55 PM

ITP ended today.

Got an overall grade of A.
No biggy. (haha! action seh!)

Cut my hair too.
Dont worry, i didnt rebond it
although the person asked me the same qns.

Rest of the sketches i did on my log book
and yeah... good bye Clyde-IFC, good bye
Gul Circle...

Hell-o SP...

Sidetrack... no. 84 is damn freaking important to me

"...and I guess that my name is rare indeed"

With the right music, anyone can nail this song:

"Berlalulah sudah ITP, selama sembilan minggu,
Tiba April kite rayakan, dengan rasa gembira,
Anak muda di rantauan semuanya pulang ke
Ibu dan Ayah keriangan, bersyukur tak terkira..."

• Thursday, April 10, 2008, 11:28 PM

You made me pant you bitch!

Finished work at 5pm today,
sadly it was raining.
I didnt care, so i walked to the bustop,
400m away...

When it became a lil heavy,
I decided to jog...
Theeeennnn, i jogged pass this
company, where i noe there's this
guard dog guarding the place but hey!
It was raining so maybe it was inside...

Hell was i fucking wrong!

I saw the dog near the gate and when
we locked eyes, the dog barked at me and
began chasing after me! damn 200m to the bustop!

I did the unthinkable and juz ran across the road without
checking... was i lucky there wasnt any 8 wheelers or anything
tat could knock me down... i turned around and the dog was still there,
damn! the old bitch nearly got my leg!

I ran till i reached the bustop, the other bustop... damn was tat far...
then the mongrel gave up... so


Sadiq 1 : Dogs 0

The people at the bustop were being nosey parkers
and asked me why the dog chased after me...
boy was i panting like crazy...

Well this will just make me hate them more...

"The bitch I'm talking about is the same one on Friday, 4th April Entry..."

• Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 9:29 PM

Got a few songs which got me hooked this week,
the rhythm, the background music, the singing...
yeah... all of those things which are to my liking...

1) If I Had Eyes by Jack Johnson
2) Can't Hold On by Melee
3) Homecoming by Kanye West ft Chris Martin
4) Digital Love by Daft Punk

Well, some of these songs just jolt some of your memories I think,
especially Digital Love...

• Friday, April 4, 2008, 10:13 PM
Weekdaily update...

Rain... its ok...

Heavy rain... especially with those felines and kanines involved...
well it sucks... missed 2 appointments...

Speaking of kanines... 1 week left of attachment!
I won't have to see that guard dog(without a leash)
on the way to the bustop again!

Chose my GEMS module... my LAST GEMS module :
The Revealing Eye for Digital Photography...(I think)

Sounds like a class for voyeurism... HAHA!

I had this wild idea of rebonding my hair...
Soft rebond i mean... haha! told ya it was crazy!

The movie Untracable sounds wicked...
Gonna watch it... when i have the TIME!

• Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 12:57 AM
money makes the mind go round...

Money makes the mind go round.... and round...

Pissed off... some people just can't put hard earned money to good use.
They just don't know their upmost priority... not their own priority but the most sensible AND logical one.

Pissed off again... but this time on a happier note...
Pranked by the aunties at my attachment company...
Damn stupid april fools day!
(9 working days left!)

Woits... my dear group members, what project are we gonna do for FYP ?


What GEMS are we going to sign up for ?
(All happening too fast.. must put more coal for me to burn but still in holiday(yelah)/ ITP mood...)

To that dear friend of mine, hope this webby will help... :)

To Sham, get well soon! 2 months ajer...

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